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I’m Captain Bugglepuff, adventurer of the high seas, a crab fisherman who with my trusty seadog Trooper catch the finest crabs that you ever did see.

Enjoy all the Bugglepuffing games m’shipmates.


Have a Tremendous day!




Oh Glory be my Bugglepuffkids,

You’ve arrived at the Bugglepuff home and I still haven’t finished tidying it up ready for you all. I do apologise I’m terribly rushed off my feet, always wearing knickers in my hair! Never a dull moment with my four rascally kids, extraordinary pets and my dear Captain who frequently needs a little extra help getting organised!


Delightful regards,


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Avast m’pirates,

I’m Rocky. The naughtiest of the Bugglepuff children. Boastful, cheeky, very untidy but super lovable! I put my smelly socks under Compasses pillow at night – its super funny!

Treasure maps and fun maze games are afoot. Happy Pirating!


Fairy cake fantastic to meet you all,

Cooking time with me and lots of Bugglepuff colouring in. I’m so excited to play games with you all.


Have Chocolatey fun!


Hi Bugglepuffkids,

Tinks and I are so pleased you’re here. We’ve created some super Bugglepuff games and I’m going to show you how to draw a pony; your very own pony. Well that’s what I want one day and I expect some of you want one too. But let’s not delay, Happy Bugglepuffing.


Compass Bugglepuff at your service! Come and join in my super science experiments and games on my Bugglepuff page.

I’m always reading a lot of books about animals, explorer’s diaries, lost worlds, jungle adventures and everything and anything about history and science. My family said I should have been born in a book and I suppose I am!  Have fun exploring!

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Jungle bedrooms, pirate treasure maps, a chocolate bath, little people with flying boots, a crazy parrot and a Magic Key can all be found in the first of a series of books about the Bugglepuff family. Captain Bugglepuff, his mad wife Delirious and their four rascally children Anenome, Compass, Rocky and Seasea live a haphazard day to day family life in the little English fishing port of Brixham, Devon, until the arrival of a mysterious crisp white letter in the post. Nothing in the Bugglepuff’s lives after this letter will ever be the same again.

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